Interval House for women in Ottawa: salvation from violence

The Interval House has been successfully helping women victims of violence in Canada’s capital city for many years. Women living in Ottawa can contact the rescue service around the clock and receive all the necessary assistance, such as shelter, psychological support, protection and more. For many years, specialists from the Ottawa Interval House have been able to rehabilitate hundreds of women and their children who have suffered from abuse and violence. This place in Ottawa has become a veritable salvation for those who have long remained silent about abuse. Learn more at

What kind of help do women receive in the Interval House?

Residents come to the Interval House to get help and escape the violence they have faced in their lives. First and foremost, the Ottawa Interval House provides a wide range of counseling services for women. Women who have suffered from violence are treated very carefully and sensitively. All specialists at the center work so that women’s safety concerns are addressed as much as possible.

Besides counseling, the Ottawa Intervale House also provides women with support from psychiatrists, medical doctors and other professionals to provide meaningful assistance and speedy rehabilitation.

Moreover, women who have suffered from violence and applied to the Ottawa Interval House can receive help with financial, family and criminal law issues. Also, they can get legal assistance, help with education and other services.

At the Interval House, Ottawa’s women who have suffered from violence are very well served by therapeutic groups where women support each other, talk about their dreams, make plans and improve their future lives without violence.

The support for Ottawa’s abused women doesn’t end even after they move out of the Interval House. After they leave the center, they continue to receive professional support for another six months. At this stage, professionals help women who have suffered to get used to their new lives and surroundings and to feel safe and comfortable.

The Interval House works with women living in Ottawa who have suffered abuse. In Ottawa, many women are regularly subjected to various types of abuse. This abuse is a pattern of behavior used by a partner to dominate and control their partner. Abuse can happen to anyone. It occurs in all cultures, regardless of a person’s race or ethnic group, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, income level, or anything else. Abuse has absolutely nothing to do with such a feeling as love. It is all solely about total power and control.

The Ottawa shelter works with women who have suffered from:

  • Emotional or psychological abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Cyberbullying
  • Child manipulation
  • Financial abuse
  • Social violence and isolation
  • Sexual abuse
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Stalking.

A unique place where women who have suffered from violence can find shelter from it

In Canada’s capital city, the Interval House is a truly one of a kind place. In addition to temporary shelter and essential support from a wide range of professionals, it is also a place where women can tell the whole truth and punish their abuser so that no one else gets hurt.

The Ottawa shelter works with non-binary individuals, trans women and as well as two spiritual women, women and their children and animals and other Ottawa residents.