Assistance for victims of violence from the Ottawa Police Service

Ottawa has experienced repeated cases of abuse and violence against women over the years. Even though it is the 21st century outside, the problem of abuse of women is one of the most sticking-point and widespread problems in Canada’s capital city. There are no barriers to this problem. It affects all cultures and social strata of the population. The Ottawa Police Service has been fighting this problem for years. Find out more on

Methods of fighting violence in Ottawa

For many years the Ottawa Police Service has opposed abuse and violence against women. Based on long-standing statistics, one out of every three women or girls across Canada has experienced sexual, psychological, physical, or emotional abuse at least once in their lives. 

Every year, the Ottawa Police Service seeks more and more partners to spread the word about abuse and violence against women. By doing so, the residents of Canada’s capital city are becoming more aware of the violence and those who perpetrate these horrific acts. Thus, it all plays into the importance of reducing the occurrence of abuse and following its complete cessation.

In addition to the widespread exposure of violence in the Ottawa community, police thoroughly investigate every call about abuse that comes to the Police. Ottawa Police Service also regularly works to find other solutions to prevent women from being abused. In this area, it goes beyond arresting the perpetrator and routinely investigating the crime. Police also work on awareness for men and young guys by telling them how awful it is and what it entails. In particular, the Ottawa Police Service is working on such projects to prevent the abuse of women:

  • Preventive measures within the framework of which consultations are held in the city.
  • Research on different methods of responding to cases of abuse against women, such as allocating resources and removing the barriers that prevent a victim from reporting the abuse.
  • Every year they lower their flags on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

Ottawa Police Service response course to abuse of a woman

After reporting abuse and violence against women, Ottawa Police Service responds in the best way possible to solve the problem and punish the perpetrator as soon as possible. Ottawa Police Service provides all necessary support to the victim of violence, in line with the course of special response. Ottawa Police officers specifically took this course back in 2019.

In 2018, the Ottawa Police created special committees to review cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, etc. In Canada’s capital city, such committees were formed following the experience of the Philadelphia Police. Such a case management model allows investigators to review previously closed cases, including those for which no charges have ever been filed.

Committees meet annually to present all collected materials and transparent work.

The Ottawa Police Service also has a coordinator for fighting violence and abuse against women. The coordinator’s task is to find partners and coordinate the work of committees fighting against the abuse of women. The coordinator is responsible for disseminating information and awareness of abuse and violence against women to the Ottawa community. 

The Ottawa Police Service works very closely with various local anti-violence organizations. Together they seek solutions to problems related to the abuse of women.