Why is wool considered a stylish and essential wardrobe item in Ottawa?

Wool has been valued for centuries, not only in Ottawa but worldwide. It has very high qualities. The wool is appreciated both in the cold season and in the warm season. A material such as wool absorbs moisture very well. Wool clothes act as a kind of thermal regulator for humans. In manufacturing, the use of wool material is also very convenient. It is quite elastic and easy to dye. That’s crucial both in clothing production and interior design. In turn, wool clothing in Ottawa is considered almost traditional clothing. Learn more at ottawanka.com.

The first sheep in Ottawa territories

Sheep were brought to Ottawa by colonizers. In particular, they were introduced by the French in the middle of the 17th century. Initially, most sheep were bred for meat. Among these sheep breeds were:

  • Suffolk
  • Southdown
  • Hampshire 
  • Dorset
  • North Country Cheviot
  • Texel
  • Rideau Arcott.

Later, the colonizers began to raise sheep for wool production in the modern-day Ottawa territories. Among the woolen breeds were the following:

  • Rambouillet
  • Corriedale
  • Columbia
  • Targhee.

In the old days, sheep were generally sheared in the spring. Sheep shearing in the Ottawa territories was handled exclusively by experienced people. They used special equipment for shearing sheep’s wool that looked something like a barber’s hair clipper, except it was several times bigger. With such a tool, sheep’s wool was sheared in just five minutes. Afterward, the sheared wool was rolled into one giant lump and sent for further sorting and sale.

The only difficulty was in processing the wool. It had to be sorted by hair diameter. Wool with medium hair diameter was used to make sweaters, knitting yarn and tweed fabrics, while wool with finer hair was sent for additional combing and pulling. That process was usually used to remove all the short ends and other hair lint. Then, it was used to make wool fabrics. In turn, very coarse wool was used to make carpets in old Ottawa.

The importance of wool to Ottawans

The production of wool in the Ottawa territories as well as in the whole of Canada has never been large-scale. It had no position in the world market whatsoever. For the people of Ottawa, however, wool products have become a real symbol, a kind of traditional clothes that are an integral part of the wardrobe in the 21st century.

The wool produced in the Ottawa territories is distinguished from others by its excellent qualities. It is very flexible compared to others.

In the 21st century, Ottawa has a sufficient number of manufacturers of quality wool clothes. These clothes are of such good quality that you can buy them once in your life. It simply will not deteriorate. Wool in Ottawa is considered a true ancestral heritage.

Residents of Ottawa and other Canadian cities are so fond of wool products that they hold a Wool Week every November. Such an event has been held for many decades. The primary purpose of such an event is to educate people about the importance of wool and the right choice of clothes. This event’s emphasis is on the fact that clothes should be made of natural fibers.

Wool products and other wool materials are 100% natural and renewable resources. The use of wool in interior design improves indoor air quality. Besides, wool is quite fire-resistant. Also, wool is recyclable, which is one of the integral components of the eco-consciousness of Ottawa residents.

Wool is also used in sportswear, primarily because of its high resistance to odors. Wool clothes simply do not get soaked. 

Both in the past and the 21st century, every resident of Ottawa has wool products. Furthermore, Canada’s capital city is home to many stores with a wide range of wool products.