Herieth Paul, the Ottawa icon of style and fashion

For many years, Ottawa has been home to a true style icon who has reached a high pinnacle in the modeling industry, Herieth Paul. She has incredible natural beauty. Her face always shines. Herieth Paul has become a successful Ottawa supermodel in the 21st century. She has walked the catwalk at shows for such global brands as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret and others. Her face has repeatedly appeared on the covers of magazines of world brands. She has become a true style icon. Find out more at ottawanka.com.

Moving to Canada

The famous Ottawa model was born in 1997 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She also had an older sister. They were raised by their mother, Nsia, alone. Throughout their lives, Herieth Paul’s mother emphasized that education was essential for their lives. The educational system in Tanzania was different from the Canadian one. But despite everything, the girl listened to her mother and devoted much of her time to her education. There, where the young girl lived, knowledge was the only way out of poverty. Besides, Herieth Paul also spent time on her school uniform. 

In 2007, Herieth Paul’s family, her mother Nsia and her older sister moved to the Canadian capital. They moved because Herieth Paul’s mother took a temporary job as a diplomat at the Tanzanian High Commission.

Herieth’s older sister Paul found the move very difficult, but Herieth herself took it quite easily. She moved at a pretty young age and thanks to her thorough studies in Dar es Salaam, she knew a little English. Since arriving in Ottawa, Herieth Paul has been improving her English with the help of Disney cartoons. In addition, after watching Disney cartoons, she firmly decided that she wanted to become an actress. That’s how her modeling career began.

The start of her modeling career

In 2008, Herieth Paul found out that an open modeling contest of Angie’s AMTI modeling agency would be held in Ottawa. She didn’t miss that chance and signed up for the contest. It was held in the office of the modeling agency, which in the 2000s was located in the ByWard Market. Herieth Paul, accompanied by her mother, arrived at the contest a few hours early, but the modeling agent told them that they wouldn’t be accepted early and should wait. After that, Herieth and her mother went to a diner to pass the time. When Herieth Paul left, the modeling agent began to worry that the girl would not return, as she had stunning looks. But Herieth Paul didn’t even think about it. When she showed up to the contest at the scheduled time, the agent told her she would definitely become a supermodel with her appearance.

After successfully contesting at Angie’s AMTI, Herieth Paul immediately signed a contract with Women Management New York. Herieth Paul started appearing in such well-known magazines as Vogue Italia, iD, Wonderland and Teen Vogue. She became a true style icon. Her gorgeous model images appeared on a Vogue Italia cover with Arizona Muse and Freja Beha. In 2011, she was the cover model of Canadian Elle. The cover of one of the world’s magazines said, “Naomi, Move Over! Why We’re Hot For Herieth.”

In 2013, Herieth Paul was one of the models who became part of the Tom Ford Fall Winter advertising campaign. In particular, a photo shoot was held with Tom Ford himself. After the campaign was launched, it was recognized as one of the best advertising campaigns of fall 2013 by The Business of Fashion and Racked.

Her face also became a signature brand for cosmetics companies such as CK One and Tom Ford. In 2016, Herieth Paul became a style and beauty icon for the world famous cosmetics company Maybelline New York. In the 21st century, she is the global spokesperson for this brand.